Sandbox Speech Therapy


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The initial consultation involves a phone conversation to collect information about your family’s background including a thorough case history. We will discuss your goals and concerns to ensure there is a match between our services and your family’s needs.




A comprehensive evaluation of your child’s communication skills to determine his/her strengths and needs. An assessment is often essential (but not required) for deciding whether therapy is recommended and to set appropriate speech and language goals. A written report will be sent to you within five business days after the assessment.


**+ $.61/km outside of Winnipeg (mileage)


Individualized Therapy​

Therapy sessions involve one-on-one therapy with a registered Speech-Language Pathologist to target your child’s speech and language goals. We use motivating and fun activities to optimize your child’s progress. In addition, parent involvement in the sessions and following up with at-home activities is recommended to maximize your child’s learning.

Session length:

30-45 minutes 


**+ $.61/km outside of Winnipeg (mileage)



Teletherapy is direct, one-on-one therapy, similar to in-person individualized therapy using motivating and fun activities. It is a way of providing clients and families with access to quality care by licensed professionals, especially when faced with any barrier to service, such as sickness, distance, or, due to COVID-19, physical distancing protocols. We work with your family on the internet, using video conferencing! 





Sandbox Speech Therapy provides consultative services with schools and other health professionals upon request by parents. We believe a child’s support system collaborates and focuses on common goals to ensure optimal success. If you would like us involved in a school intake meeting, team meeting, or IEP meeting, please do not hesitate to ask. We can also provide progress reports for a the same fee to school teams and other healthcare professionals.


**+ $.61/km outside of Winnipeg (mileage)